Turbo Launcher®

Turbo Launcher® was designed to be an open source Androidlauncher of mobile apps. It was built to be very fast, flexible, secure and highly customizable.

It was released on the market in March 2013 and evolved over time with more and more features, but keeping its original purpose to be very fast, flexible, secure and highly customizable. Fully respect your privacy and do not collect any personal data. It will constantly updated and improved.

Turbo Launcher on Android Oreo
Turbo Launcher® on Android Oreo (8.1.0)

We work constantly to improve performance and fix bugs.

On September 2018 it supports 15.093 Android devices.

Main features:

Turbo Launcher® orders and manages your applications quickly and efficiently and offers numerous customization and tuning features to make the best use of your smartphone.

Home screen with shortcuts to your applications is clear, simple and reactive. You can customize Status bar, Search bar, Screen layout with the selection of Rows/Columns number. It also offers the possibility to choose what type of Screen transition effect to use.

Apps Drawer and its Search bar offers numerous possibilities to change background with color or with transparency. You can customize the type, size and color of fonts of your applications shortcuts.